Seniors Gateway to Legal Information & Resources

July 19, 2018


    Subject Categories
    Gateway Project Background
    Training Materials
       Basic Internet
       Using the Gateway
          Tour and use of the site
          User and Admin Functions
       Fraser Valley Training
       North Shore Training
       Internet Glossary
    SLIP Service Providers
    Site Map

User Account

Session 6

User and Admin Functions


  1. Review previous session.


  1. Continue the exploration of the site, if required.


a.     Subject Categories

Review the Subject categories:

         Are they clear?

         Do we need more or less?

b.     A to Z

c.      Gateway Project Background

d.     Training Materials

                                                                          i.      Basic internet

                                                                         ii.      Nidus Registry

                                                                       iii.      Using the Gateway

                                                                      iv.      Internet Glossary

                                                                       v.      Tour and use of site

                                                                      vi.      Admin functions and evaluation

e.     Message Board for Administrators

f.       Event Calendar

g.     User Account


  1. How to log in and out.


  1. How to turn on the Admin.


  1. What are the various user and admin functions?

a.     Adding content

b.     Editing content

c.      Message board

d.     Event calendar

e.     User accounts


  1. Elicit comment and critique.



  1. Evaluation of the Training sessions.

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